Eveleen Tennant Myers (1856-1937), Portrait d’ Adelaïde Passingham - Début 1890’s.

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How do you capture incredibly minute details on the surface of a plant? Well all you really need is a scanning electron microscope.

Matsuura Tomoya gathered dying plants in his neighborhood and captured these black and white photos with a powerful S.E.M. Though they seem huge, the plant sections below are only 3mm wide!

Using an Electron Microscope To Photograph Dying Plants

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Say what?! A new film written by Emma Thompson about Effie Gray, a child-bride who fights to be released from her loveless marriage to John Ruskin (played by GREG WISE, Thompson’s real-life husband) to be with John Everett Millais, another famous artist?

There is literally nothing about this film that makes me want to not see it. THE BEST NEWS!

I mean, the last film I saw that Thompson wrote was Sense and Sensibility (the best one where she stars with Kate Winslet, Greg Wise and Alan Rickman)—this is a woman who knows how to write movies to be rewatched obsessively.

Effie Gray is coming to theatres in 2014. 

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Magnolia illustration from Mark Catesby’s The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands, 1731-1743

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Notebooks Covered In Embroidered Veins, Holograms, And Floral Patterns by Fabulous Cat


Belgium-based ad agency Soon recently used recycled paper to craft vibrant, intricate insects.

Kalos, Eidos, Scopeo

colored pencil on paper, 25.625 x 17.75 inches (65 x 45 cm).

by Marco Mazzoni

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London-based photographer Bella Kotak creates beautiful narratives by blending together feminine figures within a sea of floral surroundings. Her series, In Bloom, features incredibly expressive portraits which convey strong emotion through the very meditative figures.


Saved another cutie from the wet pavement yesterday. I just love bees. Look at those little legs.

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